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Kat Shanahan

Get the Facts: Game-Based Learning Research from Filament Games

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

At Filament Games, we’re committed to helping teachers, administrators, and educators all over the world harness the power of game-based learning. We have a tremendous passion for creating learning games, and we’re equally passionate about sharing the benefits of game-based learning. We put together a short list of GBL research to help you use games…

A Case For Learning Games: Measurable Results Seen Playing Backyard Engineers

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

Together with physical classroom activities, learning games afford students a more comprehensive view of classroom materials and a more dynamic classroom experience. Learning games can teach students about dynamic content in ways textbooks cannot. Using Filament Games, students can explore organ systems, travel through the body as a cell, and watch plants grow and bloom…

Cool Choices: Game-Based Learning Benefits Adults

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

Classrooms around the country use game-based learning to improve academic achievement, enhance curriculum, and foster self-guided learning. Numerous recent studies have reinforced the efficacy of game-based learning and the positive impacts it has on the today’s students. What may not be as apparent are the benefits of game-based learning for adults. Keeping in mind that…

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