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Account Management at Filament Games

Filament’s Account Management practice is integral to how we engage with our clients for our custom development services. As a core part of our methodology, we provide every client with direct access to an Account Manager, who also happens to be one of our founding partners! We can say confidently that your Account Manager would either be:

White 1

Chief Executive Officer and founding partner Dan White wants learning to be associated with meaning and inspiration rather than accountability and drudgery. Accordingly, he believes that learning should be highly interactive, and that game-based learning, like project- and inquiry-based learning, is a “best practice” in the field of education. An alumnus of Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dan has two primary passions: making outstanding learning games and building sustainable businesses.


Dan Norton is a founding partner and Chief Creative Officer at Filament Games. He specializes in crafting educational game design documents and storyboards that originate from learning objectives. Dan sees Filament as an opportunity to merge his lifelong love of games with his incessant quest to learn about new and interesting things.


Alex Stone, Chief Technology Officer, has 10 years of experience developing educational software and is credited on 30 released learning game titles. Prior to co-founding Filament, he developed content management and learning management systems. Alex has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin.

Why do we do this?

We think it’s important that you have the ear directly of one of the owners of the company so that you can feel confident that we are fully invested in our relationship. While to a certain extent we assign Account Managers based on who is available at the time, we also strive to match the personality of our clients and/or match the represented discipline that is the most critical to making your project successful.

Our Account Managers take on the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Holds ultimate accountability for your project
  • Collaborates with you to manage project risks
  • Serves as an escalation point for project issues
  • Collects and acts on feedback regarding Filament team members
  • Committed to high levels of client satisfaction

We ask our clients to pair our Account Manager with the most senior stakeholder at your organization who has a direct line of sight into the project we are working on together. Most often, this is the client’s Executive Sponsor. Executive Sponsors are not involved in the day-to-day activities of the project but most likely is the senior person to which the team reports.

Clients are assigned a Filament Account Manager for the lifetime of our relationship – that person will be your Account Manager for every project we do together. Generally, we schedule a standing bi-weekly call between the Executive Sponsor and our Account Manager and we abide by a no-cancellation policy. This means that if there are no issues to discuss, we still like to get on the phone even if we jump on to agree that there are no issues to discuss. Our Account Managers work hard to protect that time on our calendars so you know reliably that you have our ear on a regular basis. In addition to bi-weekly calls, our Account Managers are available on an ad-hoc basis whenever they are needed.

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