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Resource Roundup: Virtual & Augmented Reality for Learning

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In recent years, we’ve successfully leveraged our educational games development expertise to create a number of learning-focused, best-in-class virtual and augmented reality projects for clients. In doing so, we have similarly amassed a hearty collection of VR and AR content on our blog, examining topics like trending hardware innovations, best practices for VR game development, applications of augmented and virtual reality in training settings like offices and hospitals, and more. Want to learn more about the possibilities of VR and AR for learning? Check out the resources below, and visit our portfolio to view examples of our expertise in action!

Breaking Boundaries in Science - Marie Curie

Developed in partnership with Oculus, Breaking Boundaries in Science celebrates famous women in STEM

Partner Insights

How VR Changes Learning
Augmented Reality Learning Environments
Designing for the Spectrum of VR Devices
Games for Change Webinar: VR for Learning

Studio Perspectives

How to Add Value to Your Reader’s Experience with Augmented and Virtual Reality
Virtual and Augmented Reality for Businesses
Incorporating VR into Your Business Strategy
Virtual Reality for Learning Games
Why Virtual Reality May Be the Tech to Bridge Generations

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VP of Sales Jennifer Javornik’s dad in space (virtually, of course!)

Making VR a Reality in Real-World Workplaces

VR in Industrial Training: Safe, Simulated Learning
Virtual Reality in Corporate Training
VR in Medical Training: 3 Groundbreaking Applications
Meet the Expert: Virtual Reality Artist Adam Blumenthal

Examining VR Hardware Trends

Oculus Quest for Learning: What Educators Need to Know
VR Unplugged: A Look at the Oculus Go
VR Buying Guide Part 1: Entry-level & Mobile Headsets
VR Buying Guide Part 2: High-end, Premium Headsets
The Future of VR Controllers

Pro Tips for Other VR Developers

A Guide to Demoing Your VR Game at Industry Events & Conferences
The ULTIMATE List of VR Game Awards

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Demoing VR is a great way to improve your reflexes- just ask CEO Dan White!

Research Reflections

Augmented Reality and Training
Medical Applications for Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality for Impact

The Filament Games Podcast

FGP 308: Audio Design in Games and VR
FGP 307: Making VR a Reality in the Classroom
FGP 211: VR & Identity
FGP 110: Virtual Reality

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Let's Stay Connected!
Drop your email below to receive occasional and totally un-obnoxious updates from our studio!