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The ULTIMATE List of VR Game Awards 🏆

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So you’ve just released- or perhaps are about to release- a stunning VR experience. Congratulations! 🎉

Now is no time to celebrate, though – in fact, your work is just getting started. With thousands of VR experiences available across Steam, the Oculus Store, Playstation VR, and more, how exactly do you plan on ensuring your game stands out?

Perhaps you’ve already cooked up a killer social media ad campaign, or begun establishing connections with popular game influencers on Twitch or Youtube (all solid ideas). But today we’re honing in on another great way to create recognition and credibility around your VR experience: winning awards!

Even if you’ve released the best VR game ever, awards aren’t simply going to appear out of nowhere. You’ve got to be proactive: make an effort to seek these programs out, handcraft a killer application, then wait patiently to hear back. It’s a lot of work, but we’re here to help with first steps! Below you’ll find our roundup of some of the most renowned VR awards programs around. Peruse our selections and apply today- and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need a vote!


South by Southwest (SXSW) is a big deal…so naturally, there are several different ways to submit a virtual reality project to the show. The SXSW Gaming Awards – featuring a dedicated “VR Game of the Year” category – recognizes the greatest titles, teams, and individuals from across the gaming industry. Beyond that, the SXSW Gamer’s Voice Awards – also inclusive of its own VR award category – places greater emphasis on celebrating works created by small and independent teams. Finally, the SXSW Interactive Innovations Awards focuses exclusively on highlighting the latest and greatest tech breakthroughs – including developments in augmented, virtual and mixed reality technology. Our recommendation is to check ‘em all out and apply to the categories which most closely align to your project and budget.

Award Submissions Open: Gamer’s Voice Awards: June 25, 2018; Gaming Awards: June 25, 2018; Interactive Innovations Awards: June 25, 2018
Award Submissions Close: Gamer’s Voice Awards: October 4, 2018; Gaming Awards: December 7, 2018; Interactive Innovations Awards: December 7, 2018
Cost of Entry: Gamer’s Voice Awards: $25; Gaming Awards: $50; Interactive Innovations Awards: $150

The Unity Awards

Did you craft your VR game/experience using the Unity game engine? If your answer is no, feel free to move on to the next entry on our list. But if you said yes – definitely check out the Unity Awards. In 2017, the program celebrated 84 unique Unity projects across 14 different award categories – including some really impressive VR/AR games and experiences!

Award Submissions Open: August 17, 2018
Award Submissions Close: November 1, 2018
Cost of Entry: Free!

VR Bound – VR Awards

The annual VR Bound – VR Awards celebrates outstanding achievements in the world of virtual reality. Culminating in a night of high-class, black tie entertainment and celebration, the competition features twelve categories ranging from “VR Game of the Year” to “VR Architecture and Real Estate of the Year” – learn more about the event over on their official website.

Award Submissions Open: TBD SPRING 2019
Award Submissions Close: TBD SPRING/SUMMER 2019
Cost of Entry: £89 + VAT (2018)

The VR NOW Convention / Awards

What do we want? VR! When do we want it? NOW! Thankfully, the VR NOW Convention / Awards program is here to the rescue. Originating in Europe but inclusive of entries from around the globe, the show features five distinct categories: VR Technology Award, Industry VR Award, Cinematic VR Award, Interactive VR Experience Award, and the coveted VR NOW Grand Prize.

Award Submissions Open: TBD SPRING 2019
Award Submissions Close: TBD SPRING 2019
Cost of Entry: Early Bird rate: €25.00 + €4.75 MWST./UST.; Standard rate: €50.00 + €9.50 MWST./UST.

Augmented World Expo – Auggie Awards

Dubbed “XR’s Most Essential Conference” by Forbes, the Augmented World Expo has existed since 2010 – a short eternity in the world of AR/VR/MR. Featuring 10 unique awards categories in addition to a slew of other honors, winning an Auggie is a huge achievement for developers large and small – start preparing your application now and maybe we’ll see you on their shortlist next year!

Award Submissions Open: TBD SPRING 2019
Award Submissions Close: TBD SPRING 2019
Cost of Entry: TBD

VR Expo Awards

The annual VR Expo Awards recognizes international excellence in virtual realities and new technologies. Last year, VR Expo kicked off their awards program in style – and it looks like they’re gearing up for an even bigger show in 2019. Learn more about VR Expo’s entry requirements and award categories here.

Award Submissions Open: September 1, 2018
Award Submissions Close: Early Bird deadline: December 14, 2018; Standard deadline: February 8, 2019
Cost of Entry: Early Bird rate: £50.00 + VAT; Standard rate: £75.00 + VAT

VR Fest – Online VR/AR Competition

Featuring dozens of award categories ranging from “Best Game for Cardboard” to “Best VR E-Sports platform” along with a budget-friendly entry price of free, entering VR Fest’s Online VR/AR Competition should be a no-brainer for any VR developer. Winners will be announced live on stage at VR Fest in Las Vegas in January 2019 – think you’ve got what it takes to stand out?

Award Submissions Open: August 23, 2018
Award Submissions Close: October 1, 2018
Cost of Entry: Free!

Games for Change Awards

Have you created a VR game for learning or social impact? If so, you don’t want to miss out on applying to the annual Games for Change (G4C) awards! This competitive program awards highlights nominees in five categories: Most Innovative, Best Gameplay, Best Learning Game, Most Significant Impact, and Game of the Year. You can learn more and check out last year’s nominees here.

Award Submissions Open: TBD SPRING 2019
Award Submissions Close: TBD SPRING 2019
Cost of Entry: TBD


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Drop your email below to receive occasional and totally un-obnoxious updates from our studio!