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VR for Nonprofits: Simulated Experiences, Real-World Impact

What’s your mission? Over the past decade, our studio has had the amazing opportunity to work with a variety of nonprofit and charity organizations from around the globe in order to help support their causes. From helping to promote intergenerational civics literacy, to boosting entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills, and even fostering understanding and empathy towards underserved populations,…

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We Want To Be Your Grant Partner

Game-based learning and nonprofits make for a dynamic duo – just like Mario and Princess Peach! Many nonprofits have a mission focused on meaningful education and action. Game-based learning is exceptionally suited to allow learners to actively learn through experimentation while deeply engaged in the outcomes of the experience. We can design games to not…

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Game Spotlight: Junior Achievement’s RoboSellers

Today we’re highlighting the release of an all-new game created for our longtime partner Junior Achievement: RoboSellers, an economics and entrepreneurship learning game that teaches about the role of money in everyday life. In the game, players take on the role of a space-faring entrepreneur tasked with traveling between alien worlds, buying and selling robot…

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Resource Roundup: Virtual & Augmented Reality for Learning

In recent years, we’ve successfully leveraged our educational games development expertise to create a number of learning-focused, best-in-class virtual and augmented reality projects for clients. In doing so, we have similarly amassed a hearty collection of VR and AR content on our blog, examining topics like trending hardware innovations, best practices for VR game development, applications of…

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Games for Change Webinar: VR for Learning

Want to learn more about VR for learning? CEO Dan White and VP of Sales Jennifer Javornik recently joined Games for Change for a live webinar to discuss insights gained from developing experiences across the full spectrum of VR. Using our two latest VR projects Breaking Boundaries in Science and RoboEngineers as illustrations, Dan and Jennifer discuss the unique affordances…

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